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31 January 2010 @ 10:07 pm
Doctor Who 4x01 - Partners in Crime  
January is for episode 1 of series 4 – Partners in Crime!  I’m cutting in fine, and I haven’t watched the Confidential episode even though I had planned to, but I’m posting in January in time with my calendar.

Doctor Who Calendar - January

Oooh…  Opening credits!  I’m excited as I haven’t done this for so long! 

I really enjoy series 4 – mostly because of the Doctor/Donna dynamic.  I think in some ways that she’s sort of the Doctor’s equal, although once I’ve said that, I’m not sure how she’s his equal.  I think that’s something which I’ll be looking for this series.  That and why I think Donna is such a good companion to the Doctor.  (Donna’s my favourite companion by the way!)

And on to the episode…

I love that Donna and the Doctor are both investigating the same thing without knowing that the other is just around the corner.  And they both claim to be from the Health and Safety department!  It’s a very good ploy because most employees would generally just let them do as they please without too much questioning.  The salesman that Donna sits herself next too seems somewhat scared at first!  That said, the woman the Doctor questions seems rather pleased (can’t say I blame her either). 

The humour that gets injected into this show amuses me to no end.  The heads popping up and down is brilliant and they so very nearly bump into each other going to the printer.  And then the Doctor has to go back and ask for the list to be reprinted which gives us a perfect excuse to marvel at David Tennant’s smile! 

I also like the somewhat inside jokes – the kind which makes sense to someone who’s watching their first ever episode, but which means even more if you’ve seen previous seasons and know what is being referenced: 

Roger:  I’m not a cat person
Doctor:  I’ve met cat people.  You’re nothing like them. 

It makes me wonder if there are jokes that reference Classic Who which go straight over my head because I’ve never seen those series…

Going back to the Adipose, the whole ‘fat just walks away’ experience must be a very strange feeling!  The thought of having something inside you moving around of its own free will is somewhat creepy.  I think it’s mostly the thought that they’re inside you and you have no control over what it’s doing.  I must say though that for a kilogram of fat, they are very cute!  If they didn’t come out of a person they’d make adorable pets.  Although, I’m not sure what they would look like when they grow up.

Slight side point – I love the Doctor’s alien detection tracking device!  Our Doctor uses nothing but the most sophisticated technological inventions!  *shakes and bangs device a bit more*

Donna:  How old am I? 
Sylvia:  Not old enough to use a phone. 

Donna’s mum’s nagging is rather annoying, although I don’t suppose it’s that unreasonable.  I’m sure all she wants is the best for her daughter and she’s trying to motivate her to get there.  Wilf however, is just awesome!  Wilf and his dreams of striding out amongst the stars.  (I think Donna definitely got a large slice of his genes!)  He’s concerned for her too, but doesn’t nag her. 

And Donna’s waiting for ‘the right man’.  This is where we get a bit of back story for those who haven’t seen Runaway Bride and don’t know how Donna knows the Doctor.  I don’t think I had seen Runaway Bride before seeing series 4 so this was the time where I came to understand how they were connected.  Rewatching the scene however makes me realise that we don’t actually get much of the background.  We’re given just enough to demystify the situation, but not really enough to understand why Donna would want to find the Doctor again.  But it does provide incentive to go and watch Runaway Bride. 

One of the saddest little scenes in this episode is where the Doctor’s all alone in the TARDIS.  He’s found out something and he’s excited but he’s got nobody to tell.  The TARDIS just seems so big and empty, and the Doctor so alone. 

But he’s not really alone!  Donna parks mere metres away from where the TARDIS lands!  They miss each other by so little.  Then they play the waiting game – the Doctor in a store room and Donna in the toilets.  Almost 9 hours waiting in the toilet!  How cramped and bored would you get? 

The first time I watched Miss Foster and her goons start searching the toilets I was convinced, like Donna was, that Miss Foster knew that Donna was there.  Fortunately (I suppose) it was Penny the reporter she found first. 

Now we come to my favourite scene of the whole episode where the Doctor and Donna spot each other from opposite sides of the room.  Love the stethoscope action by the Doctor. 

The music through this scene is also brilliant – how it is suspenseful while we are let into Miss Fosters’ cunning plan and moves so quickly to Donna’s fun little theme during her game of charades.  The Doctor is confused but Donna is just thrilled! 

Until they are discovered:  “Are we interrupting you?” 

(The Doctor’s little pose while going back up the side of the building cracks me up)

Donna:  You’ve even got the same suit.  Don’t you ever change?

While Donna is explaining her search to the Doctor she notes that the bees are disappearing.  It seems to just be an insignificant passing comment which the Doctor doesn’t pay much attention to but it becomes significant later in the series…

Then when they’re stuck halfway down the side of the building in the window washing contraption, their attempts to get in through the window are great.  Donna trying to smash her way through with a wrench cracks me up (and confuses the Doctor as well apparently)! 

Until Miss Foster cuts one of the wires and Donna falls: 

Doctor:  Hold on!
Donna:  I am! 

Captain Obvious strikes again! 

Getting Donna back in through the window is amusing also.  I’m still not entirely sure how they managed it…

I like Miss Foster’s sonic pen – “very sleek” – I would like one of those.  With that cunning disguise, I could use it every day with anyone noticing. 

And so, the inducing program begins…

The Doctor and Donna both had their plans, and they both somehow went astray.  The Doctor found a companion but then “destroyed half her life” (I think he blames himself too much).  Donna went travelling but only got as far as Egypt for two weeks and since then has just been back at home: 

Donna:  I must have been mad turning down that offer. 
Doctor:  What offer? 
Donna:  To come with you
Doctor:  Come with me? 
Donna:  Oh yes please
Doctor:  Right. 

Whoops – not sure if that was supposed to be an offer, but let’s take it anyway! 

Now the inducer has been activated and there are adipose running everywhere.  They’re just so adorable!  Unfortunately, the birth of the cute adipose could mean the death of a million people. 

Doctor:  No, no, no, no!  She’s doubled it!  I need… I haven’t got time.  It’s too far.  I can’t override it.  They’re all going to die. 
Donna:  Is there anything I can do? 
Doctor:  Sorry, Donna, this is way beyond you.  I’ve got to double the base pulse.  I can’t…
Donna:  Doctor, tell me, what do you need? 
Doctor:  I need a second capsule to boost the override, but I’ve only got the one.  I can’t save them. 

But Donna has exactly what he needs.  And the Doctor and Donna save a million lives! 

The mummy and daddy adipose come to get their children.  I wonder if grown-up adipose are just bigger blobs of fat?  Maybe they’re something else?  (And I love how Wilf completely misses the huge spaceship behind him!)

The Doctor and Donna head to the roof to try and help Miss Foster, because she’s in trouble now.  Here the Doctor notes that the adipose are “just children.  They can’t help where they came from.”  This is where I must disagree with my calendar.  My calendar says that Miss Foster has ‘hordes of sinister adipose’!  They’re not sinister at all!  They’re just little babies and had no control over how they were created.  They’re not the enemy at all!  (They’re just adorable!)

Donna:  That Martha must have done you good. 
Doctor:  Yeah, she did.  Yeah.  Yeah.  She did.  She fancied me. 
Donna:  Mad Martha, that one.  Blind Martha.  Charity Martha. 

I love how Donna has no problem with teasing the Doctor.  I think that’s one thing that points to them being equals – they have no problem picking on each other.  There’s no fear of superiority. 

I think this ‘enemy’ was a very good one, because, in the Doctor’s words:  “As a diet plan sort of works”.  If you could limit how many adipose you gave ‘birth’ to, it would be a brilliant diet! 

And in the end, the real vilian, Miss Foster, dies.  It really was her own fault too.  She had too high an opinion of herself.  If she had believed the Doctor she could have lived.  To be honest, I don’t particularly feel any sympathy for her. 

The Doctor throws Miss Foster’s sonic pen in the bin!?  What!?  He should have given it to Donna.  I’m sure she would have made good use of it. 

And that poor reporter has finally managed to escape: 

Donna:  Some people just can’t take it. 
Doctor:  No
Donna:  And some people can.  So then, TARDIS.  Come on! 

Donna is already packed!  Awesome and prepared for anything:  “Planet of the Hats – I’m ready!

The Doctor seems to have doubts about Donna going with him.  Not because he doesn’t want Donna to come, but because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone else.  He doesn’t want to be on his own but he’d rather travel alone than be the cause of pain to someone he cares for.  I can’t blame him for being hesitant – after all, Donna’s been chasing after him and has practically invited herself along!  Donna’s walking all over him at the moment! 

Doctor:  I just want a mate. 
Donna:  You just want to mate! 
Doctor:  I just want “a” mate
Donna:  You’re not mating with me, sunshine! 
Doctor:  “A” mate.  I want “a” mate. 
Donna:  Well, just as well, because I’m having none of that nonsense.  I mean you’re just a long streak of nothing.  You know, alien nothing. 
Doctor:  There we are then.  Okay. 
Donna:  I can come? 
Doctor:  Yeah.  Of course you can, yeah.  I’d love it! 

I love the Doctor’s frantic desperation and Donna’s horrified disgust! 

So the Doctor has a new companion.  Oh, there’s a brief moment with Rose – Donna giving her a message for her mum – but then Rose walks away and disappears into thin air.  Point for later reference.  But intriguing as that is, I’m too busy sharing Donna’s excitement. 

We finish with Donna waving goodbye to Wilf.  And Wilf does his grandad dance and is just thrilled for her.  To be honest though, I’m thrilled for Donna as well! 

And I also found The Big Questions vid for this episode where David and Catherine were asked about their favourite duos.  And if I could just quote David’s last bit of wisdom:  “The Proclaimers!  They’re my favourite duo.  They’re twins.  And brothers… Which is often how it works, as it turns out.

I’m going to try to get to the Confidential episode next week (even though it’s February) but if I don’t… on to the Fires of Pompeii!

Screencaps from david-tenant.org and disparue.org
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Ms J Darcy: Ten Tie Bluemsjdarcy on February 3rd, 2010 08:57 am (UTC)
The caps you did of Donna's "you just want to MATE?" - I have a whole folder of screencaps but I didn't realise just how funny the caps of that scene were! I was thinking of just using one each of the Doctor and Donna, but they were just too good! I had to put them both in.

When I saw Journey's End I had only seen series 4 and the second half of series 3, and I was a bit confused. I had a general idea of who Rose was, but I definitely had a much better understanding once I'd caught up.

Someone not so in awe of the Doctor. It's a great friendship between them and I think it's probably good for the Doctor too. Not necessarily 'bringing him down a peg' but more just not on a pedestal.

I'm happy you liked the review, and I'm looking forward to February's!